Real-time insights for enhanced sales, teamwork, and understanding.

Jiminny enables real-time customer insights by recording, analyzing, and improving conversations, fostering better sales, understanding, collaboration, and teamwork.

Project Results

Video Length
Animation Style
2D Animation
Project Timeline
Jan 2023 - Oct 2023


Client: Jiminny

Animation Studio: ByteChimp

Project Manager: Sam Foster

Creative Director: Isabella Martinez

Producer: Sara Johnson

2D Illustration: Saad Ahmed, Ava Carter

Animation: Jack Taylor

Editing & Compositing: Ben Davis

Video Overview

Jiminny approached us with a simple request: they wanted a 2D animation video lasting 1.5 minutes. Their goal was to introduce their brand to potential customers, intending to use the video on their website, social media, as well as in presentations and meetings.

Mood Boards

Creating mood boards for the video was a collaborative and creative process. Our team began by conducting extensive research to understand the essence of Jiminny and the message they wanted to convey. We collected visual references, color palettes, and design elements that resonated with their brand identity and the emotions they wished to evoke. We had brainstorming sessions and discussions to align our and their vision and insights. Then, our talented designers translated these ideas into mood boards, combining images, colors, and styles to capture the right tone and atmosphere. These mood boards served as the guiding light for our video's aesthetics, ensuring every frame reflected the energy, clarity, and innovation that Jiminny represents.

The Outcome

  1. The video had the potential to make Jiminny's brand more widely known, helping it become familiar to a larger audience.
  2. By presenting the brand in an enjoyable manner, the video stimulated viewers to actively interact with Jiminny on various platforms, driving increased interest and inquiries.
  3. The video became a valuable tool in facilitating clearer and more persuasive communication of Jiminny's brand message and value proposition to potential partners, clients, or investors.

Client feedback

"We couldn't have been happier with the final product that ByteChimp created for us. The team was incredibly responsive to our feedback, and Sam's input and guidance were crucial to the success of our project.

" – Team Jiminny

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