Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you support for Voiceover & Video?

Our extensive talent network and collaboration with numerous studios allows us to find native voice actors in more than 80 languages that may not be offered by most other animation video companies. We then carefully vet and only work with professional voice actors who have proven experience.

What types of animated explainer videos do you create?

Our agency excels in creating a wide array of animated explainer videos to meet diverse business and communication needs.

  • This includes traditional animation styles as 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and character animation, all tailored to align perfectly with your brand and message.
  • For product showcases, we craft detailed and visually appealing product videos, as well as app videos designed to highlight the functionality and user interface of mobile or desktop applications. Additionally, we produce tailored videos for Software as a Service (SaaS) products, focusing on features, benefits, and user scenarios.
  • Our repertoire extends to hybrid videos that creatively blend stock footage with animation for a unique storytelling experience, and typography videos where animated text dynamically conveys your message. We also specialize in line art videos, offering a minimalistic yet impactful approach with a clean and modern feel.

Whatever your specific needs or ideas are, we are equipped to provide a customized video solution that brings your vision to life.

Do you offer Translation of Script?

Translation, Multi languages, Transcription, subtitling and just about any post video production service you can think of – we can handle it!

Can you explain Unlimited Revisions?

We offer Unlimited revisions on Script Writing, Storyboard & Animation. However, each phase needs an approval from your side. Once it is approved and we are moved to the next stage, any changes on the previous one requires an effort and time and hence the additional cost.

Can the video be longer than 60-Seconds.

Yes, the video can be of any length. We have created videos of 10mins and longer in the past. You are welcome to send a message to me for a custom offer.

I need to talk before I order a video. Can we arrange a meeting?

Ofcourse yes! send us a message and our creative director will set up a meeting with you to discuss your project. 

What if I already have the Voiceover?

If you already have a voiceover for your video briefing, we can certainly work with it. Our team will incorporate the existing voiceover into the visual storyline and graphics to create a cohesive and compelling video. In this case, we reduce the cost of video production a little bit. We would be happy to discuss the details and provide you with a customized quote.

How does payment work?

We ask for 50% upfront to start work, then 50% on completion of the video after you are happy. We accept all major credit cards and bank transfer.