Boosting PIM's Website for Better Customer Conversion

AIM utilizes AI-driven analytics and marketing to predict life events, promoting tailored insurance products, and guiding clients through digital purchases.

Project Results

Video Length
Animation Style
2D Animation
Project Timeline
Jan 2023 - Oct 2023
Insurance / Software

Company Description

Introducing AIM, Automated Intelligent Marketing, a game-changing platform developed by TruVise and powered by InterGen Data. AIM employs cutting-edge AI-driven analytics and marketing to predict and target pivotal life events in your clients' lives, automatically promoting tailored insurance products and guiding clients through a seamless digital purchase journey.

Team Effort

  • The Creative Strategist met with the client, figured out the important parts of the project, and suggested the best ways to achieve the goals.
  • The Project Manager organized and oversaw the entire project.
  • The Sketch Artist created the story through images and established a visual narrative flow.
  • The Illustrator drew detailed pictures for the video.
  • Two Animators worked together to make the animations in 2D.

Task completed

The 90-second video proved to be a valuable learning experience. During this project, we undertook an extensive range of tasks, including analyzing our client's business and establishing objectives, creating intricate frame designs, and faithfully replicating the metaverse's unique style. As we progressed through the project, we encountered challenges that enhanced our skills and knowledge.

Few learning curves:
  • Our art director had to figure out the right way to make the tech-related topic look good.
  • We made some sketches, but the client wanted changes in the scenes. This actually helped us understand what the client wanted better.
  • The first voiceover didn't match the style of the video, so we had to redo it.

Scene Development

This scene truly shone as the video's standout moment. It was carefully designed to closely resemble real-life imagery, making it the focal point of our visual narrative.

The Outcome

  • Greater Reach: The video reached a wider audience, expanding its impact.
  • Reduced Support Queries: The video helped address common questions or issues, reducing the need for customer support.
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: The video contributed to a stronger brand presence and recognition.

Client Feedback

"We had a great experience working with ByteChimp. The team was professional and easy to communicate with, and the final animated explainer video was delivered on time and exceeded our expectations. We would definitely work with them again in the future.” – Team AIM

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