Simplifying Identity, Crafting Captivating, Informative Video.

Squad Team sought to establish their presence and convey their identity effectively through a captivating and informative video, favoring simplicity over tradition.

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Jan 2023 - Oct 2023

Project Overview

Squad is an exceptional project management tool designed for agile teams, uniquely incorporating daily standup meetings into its workflow. It makes workplace TV screens informative and keeps teams in sync with real-time project updates through an "Always on interface." With its user-friendly single-screen dashboard, Squad is perfect for managing quick assignments and is tailored for small teams following an agile project approach. It offers a clear view of short-term and long-term project progress for leaders and managers, making it an invaluable resource for smart project management.

Defining the Project's Purpose

The Squad team wanted to establish their presence and create a video that effectively conveys their identity in a captivating yet informative manner. Rather than opting for a traditional approach of showcasing the platform's interface, they chose simplicity to present the complete narrative more effectively.

Creative Concept

During the initial production phase, we opted for a dark theme in the video, using only two colors to impart a tech-savvy vibe. We chose a motion graphic design to make the animation stand out. All of these design choices were customized to align with Squad's branding, ensuring a visually pleasing experience.

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The Initial Phase

To make the concepts easier to understand, we used simple sketches to illustrate visual metaphors that resonated with the script, breaking them down into more approachable and clear visuals.

The Final Phase

Squad was satisfied with the initial sketches, requiring only minor refinements. Once the illustrations were completed, we transitioned to the animation phase. We ensured a smooth and continuous flow of movement to keep the viewers engaged and prevent any dull moments.

The Challenge
  • We had a strict deadline to communicate the message in a 60-second time frame, no longer.
  • The video had to be ready within 10 days, and we managed to meet this deadline successfully.
  • Because of the limitations of motion graphics, we had to create engaging visuals without using characters to prevent boredom.

The Outcome

  1. The video led to increased user engagement as viewers gained a better understanding of Squad's platform and how it can benefit them.
  2. Based on feedback, viewers expressed that they considered the platform a trustworthy solution for their project management needs.
  3. Sharing the video on social media platforms resulted in increased engagement, including likes, shares, and comments, which expanded Squad's reach and created a buzz around their platform.

Client Feedback

We were impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that ByteChimp brought to the table. Great to work with, and the team was responsive to our needs and preferences. The final animated explainer video was delivered on time and exceeded our expectations.” – Team Squad

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