Craft a 30-second explainer with engaging design, smooth animation, and standard audio for a compelling narrative tailored to your brand. Refine with 3 rounds of revisions.

Starting from
$299 USD
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What's included?
0 - 30secs Explainer Video
Script Writing
Keyframe Storyboard
Basic Design & Illustration
Standard Voiceover Option
3 Rounds of Revision
Basic Animation
Standard Sound Effects & Music
1080p HD Quality
10 Days Delivery Time
Email Support

About the Package

Foundation & Design

The Basic Package lays the groundwork for engaging storytelling through animation. It includes a 30-second explainer video, featuring basic design & illustration with keyframe storyboarding. This approach provides a clear, visually appealing narrative structure tailored to your brand's message.

Animation & Audio

Utilizing basic rigging techniques, the animation in this package offers smooth and fundamental character movements. The standard voiceover option, accompanied by standard sound effects and music, complements the visual elements, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

Delivery & Support

This package includes 3 rounds of revision, allowing you to refine and perfect your message. The final product is delivered in 1080p HD quality within 10 days, and throughout the process, email support is available to ensure seamless communication and satisfaction.

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