Unleash unparalleled creativity with customizable characters, unique settings, and advanced animations. Experience superior quality and unmatched support for perfection.

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$899 USD
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What's included?
0 - 30secs Explainer Video
Script Writing
Keyframe Storyboard
Custom Design & Illustration
Professional Voiceover Artist with Options
Unlimited Revisions
Advanced Lighting and Shadows
Custom Sound Effects & Music
4K Resolution Quality
21 Days Delivery Time
Priority Support

About the Package

Customization & Advanced Techniques:

The Premium Package is our most comprehensive offering, featuring fully customizable characters designed and animated to match any image, pose, or scenario you envision. Advanced animation techniques, including After Effects scripts and meticulous lip-syncing by senior animators, bring your characters to life with a range of expressions and emotions.    

Unique Settings & High-End Transitions:

Custom-made environments are crafted for each scene, ensuring a unique and tailored background that complements your story. Advanced 3D and isometric transitions create a visually captivating narrative, engaging viewers at every turn.

Superior Quality & Unmatched Support:

Unlimited revisions and priority support guarantee absolute satisfaction with the final product, delivered in stunning 4K resolution within 21 days. This package is the ultimate choice for those who demand the highest level of customization, quality, and attention to detail in their animated explainer videos.

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