Elevate your story with premium visuals, lifelike animation, and immersive audio. Responsive support and timely delivery for perfection.

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$599 USD
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What's included?
0 - 30secs Explainer Video
Script Writing
Keyframe Storyboard
Standard Design & Illustration
Professional Voiceover Artist
3 Rounds of Revision
Advanced Camera Transitions
Premium Sound Effects & Music
1080p HD Quality
14 Days Delivery Time
Email and Phone Support

About the Package

Enhanced Visuals & Sound

The Standard Package elevates your story with premium design & illustration, and advanced camera transitions that create a more dynamic viewing experience. Advanced rigging techniques allow for more fluid and complex character movements, making the animation more lifelike and engaging.

Professional Voiceover & Detailed Animation:

A professional voiceover artist lends a polished and refined voice to your narrative, further enhanced by premium sound effects and music. This combination results in a deeply immersive audio-visual experience that captivates viewers.  

Responsive Support & Timely Delivery:

Offering 3 rounds of revision and a 14-day delivery schedule, this package balances high-quality output with efficiency. Additional support through both email and phone ensures prompt and personalized service, addressing your needs and queries throughout the project timeline.

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